1. Hard Times

From the recording Out Of The Sea


When you take stock
Of your situation
Do you find that the root
Of all your frustrations
Is tied up in ribbons and bows
Awaiting attention to disturb its repose?

Behind the talk
Of old reservations
Is a mind that’s been emptied
Of all destinations
Except for the failures you chose
Before you discovered what everyone else knows

Hard times are coming
Hard times have been
Hard times are nothing
That you haven’t seen
Hard times will linger
Til you chase them away
So why’d you invite them to stay?
Oh yes why’d you invite them to stay

Riding a wave
Of false exhortations
Up the shore where you founder
On new lamentations
Of chances you let slip away
Why do tomorrow what you can cancel today?
Holding at bay
The world’s expectations
Bar the door while they sound out
The same old quotations
And you pile up debts you can’t pay
Writing the words you can’t otherwise say


Oh tell me what the obstacle is
That blocks your way
That stalks your days
Tell me it’s anything other than you

Catching up sparks
From that conflagration
Which burns at the heart
Of your dissipation
Wondering why you don’t win
Searching the skies for your Nemesis twin
Tracing the marks
Of your hesitation
And learning to start out
Before you lose patience
Finding the will to begin
The wheel is there waiting, won’t you give it a spin?