1. Lazarus Avenue

From the recording Out Of The Sea


Come on down
To the cellar door
I know you’ve passed this way
So many times before
You’re all in pieces
And all coherence gone
And you haven’t got a dream
To lay your head upon
All the way
Down from Newgate to Tyburn
Where shadows light your way
And trampled fires burn
Nothing can save you
From your unholy sepulcher
Not buying souvenirs
From the executioner

Walk tall
Though you think you’ll fall
Walk proud
Though you’re all poured out
Walk straight
Though it’s much too late
Walk on
Though you’re too far gone

Stay awhile
Let me ease your mind
It’s no apocalypse
It happens all the time
It doesn’t matter
What you hoped to be
For what is a man
In the midst of infinity?
In the ashes
Of your old, best dream
I’ll help you find the lock
That propagates the key
And your redemption
Will be swift and true
As you walk along the path
Of Lazarus Avenue