London Shows and the Holman Prize

Very excited to announce I'll be playing a couple solo acoustic gigs over in olde London Town next month! If you happen to be in that fair city on April 23rd or 25th, please come on down. Check the Shows page for details. 

Also, and of great importance: you can help me return to London, as well as to 50-60 other cities, by donating 90 seconds of your time to watching my application video for the Holman Prize here:

The Holman Prize is a monetary award given to blind and low-vision individuals looking to do something adventurous and amazing. I've applied with the hopes of doing a major solo acoustic tour of the US and UK late this year / early next year. If I win, I'll be able to hit the road for two or three months and play 60-75 shows all over the place, which would be a dream come true and also a significant career booster. Thanks much for your time!

I'll be finishing up my exile in Colorado in less than a month, and will be moving back to Brooklyn in early May. Stay tuned for details of a homecoming show. Hope to see you soon!