1. Finally!

From the recording Sundry Songs

Written by Graham Norwood


Underneath a bone-white sky
My eyes take a minute to process the light
Nothing seems just as it was
Guessing the reason’s because

You found a way
A way to demonstrate
As old as I am, it’s never too late
To see it all for the first time
Isn’t it some kind of crime
I spent
All of those years
Drowning in tears
Living in fear
Of what I was

Walking round West Shepperd Ave
Weighing what’s lost against all that I have
Reading the scales with a start
Who would’ve guessed one little dart
Could weigh enough
Enough to balance out
All of my worries and all of my doubts
You give me faith to proceed
To grow up so late from a seed
I’d left
For dead
The things that I said
The thoughts in my head
Are better unread
Cuz they might’ve led
To an underground bed

So now I’m the lucky one
Embraced where I stand but encouraged to run
You’re always there by my side
Ready to hear and confide
To remind me
That I’ll never come around
Waiting for time to slow up and bend down
So I can climb up in the reins
Bury my face in its mane
And spur on, way cross the plains
Separating the real
From the ideal
Version of me
Who I want to be
And I’m trying to reach
So I’ll drink the sea
And carry the beach
To the top of the trees
So that you will see
My love is complete